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Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Medical Malpractice Attorney: Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Cancer was once thought of as a death sentence. Thanks to considerable advances in medical science, many cancer patients may now lead long and satisfying lives. But the key to effectively treating cancer is early detection.

Fortunately, doctors now have effective protocols and diagnostic techniques that can help them detect when patients have cancer at a much earlier time than was possible in the past. Even the best protocols and diagnostic tools are meaningless, however, if doctors, nurses and medical staff fail to perform their duties with a high degree of competence and care.

If you believe that medical negligence has resulted in a delayed diagnosis of cancer for you or a loved one, contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer at SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC. We handle a wide range of failure to diagnose cancer claims, including:

  • Failure to diagnose breast cancer
  • Failure to diagnose prostate cancer
  • Failure to diagnose ovarian cancer
  • Failure to diagnose colon cancer
  • Failure to diagnose cervical cancer
  • Failure to diagnose skin cancer

To speak with a medical malpractice attorney at our firm, contact our law office. We are pleased to offer a free consultation and case evaluation.

Our Legal and Medical Knowledge Is a Decided Advantage

Attorney Susan A. Marks personally manages each case at our firm. She brings to each case a strong medical background, in addition to her vast legal experience. She is a former nursing home administrator and previously managed a network of over 120 orthopedic physicians as executive director of Midwest Orthopedic Network, LLC. Her medical background is a decided advantage in complex medical malpractice claims.

Using her medical knowledge and her experience in medical malpractice claims, Ms. Marks will examine the nature of your care to determine if medical errors may have contributed to the delayed diagnosis of your medical condition or that of a loved one.

Ms. Marks has access to medical professionals who can assist in the effective prosecution of medical malpractice claims and provide expert testimony if needed. Many factors can contribute to a failure to diagnose cancer, including:

  • Failure to perform a mammogram to detect breast cancer
  • Failure to order an ultrasound or biopsy
  • Failure to perform an MRI
  • Misread mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy or MRI results
  • Failure to properly perform a biopsy procedure
  • Failure to consider a patient’s family history
  • Failure to follow up with a patient

Do Not Delay

Medical malpractice cases are governed by a strict statute of limitations, limiting the time you have to bring a medical malpractice claim. At your free consultation, we will review the facts of your case to understand the nature of your claim. We will provide a candid assessment of your chances for recovery.

If retained to handle your case, you can be confident that we will provide the vigorous representation you require. We are strong advocates for our clients and work diligently to pursue the full compensation they are entitled to receive.

Contact a Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

We handle all medical malpractice claims on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no fees to us unless we recover compensation for you. To schedule a free consultation with attorney Susan A. Marks, call 847-255-9925 or contact us toll-free at 877-286-8180. You may also contact us by e-mail.


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