Neglect found in Chicago area assisted living facility

Nursing Home Abuse
Neglect found in Chicago area assisted living facility

Neglect found in Chicago area assisted living facility

Sunrise Assisted Living in Willowbrook has been accused of neglecting a patient with multiple sclerosis. Charges filed by the patient’s family say she fell approximately 14 times at the facility. It is also claimed that most of the nursing home injuries the woman suffered happened after she used a call button to summon help in using the bathroom and staff took too long to respond. It is also alleged that the facility allowed the woman to develop Stage IV pressure sores.

The woman’s children originally chose the facility for their mother because she had fallen at home and broken her hip. They were impressed with the idea that residents wore call buttons around their necks to summon assistance. It seemed a perfect way for their mother to get the help she needed to use the bathroom. However, it is alleged that it would take up to 20 minutes for staff to respond, or they would come shut the button off in a timely manner, saying they would return shortly. When they didn’t, the woman attempted to use the bathroom on her own.

It is also alleged that the bed sores occurred because the staff failed to re-position her correctly on the bed. She was taken to an outside doctor for treatment of the sores, and it is claimed the facility failed to follow wound care instructions. It is also noted that they kept the woman after she developed the Stage IV sores in violation of state law that requires patients be transferred to a skilled nursing facility.

If a family feels a loved one is suffering in an assisted care facility, it may be wise to allow an attorney to review the case. It may be possible to receive compensation for the patient’s injuries along with a settlement for punitive damages.

Source: CBS Chicago, ““, Pam Zekman, February 24, 2014





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