Passed-out semi driver injures himself and one other motorist

Auto Accidents
Passed-out semi driver injures himself and one other motorist

Passed-out semi driver injures himself and one other motorist

After taking an unspecified quantity of medication for unknown reasons, a semi-truck driver passed out while he was behind the wheel on Interstate 80 in Illinois. After he lost consciousness, his truck drifted from the rightmost lane across the entire 4-lane highway, hitting the front of an SUV in the process. After the brief collision, the tractor trailer continued traveling until it hit the wire median on the left side of the road. The SUV that it impacted on the way rolled over, eventually coming to stop in the ditch on the right side of the road.

Illinois State Police officials reported that both drivers sustained non-critical injuries as a result of the accident. The New Lenox Fire Protection District later took them to Silver Cross Hospital for medical treatment. Following a police investigation of the auto accident, the trucker was also cited for improper lane use. In the aftermath of the accident, one westbound lane still remains closed, although the eastbound lanes are all open.

Drivers who are injured through no fault of their own may choose to pursue legal action. Many start by consulting with attorneys who can advise them on how to seek compensation in order to cover their medical expenses.

Source: New Lenox Patch, Ann C. Piasecki, March 19, 2013





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