Personal Injury What To Do After a Car Accident

Personal Injury
What To Do After a Car Accident

What To Do After a Car Accident

The decisions you make in the aftermath of a serious car accident could prove pivotal for the rest of your life. It is critical to remember that insurance companies are profit-focused and motivated to pay as little as possible. Also, injuries that may at first seem minor can ultimately turn out to be life-altering and financially devastating.

Turn To A Responsive, Trial-Proven Car Accident Attorney

After any injury-causing car crash, motorcycle accident, bike accident or collision involving a commercial vehicle, you should get a qualified personal injury lawyer involved as soon as you possibly can. Leveraging extensive auto accident case experience and strong medical knowledge, attorney Susan A. Marks stands ready to help you, advise you and relentlessly protect your right to compensation.

Steps For Protecting Your Right To Compensation For Injuries And Damage

Getting medical attention for yourself and all others who need it must be the first priority on any significant crash scene. Police must be called, and an accident report filed, regardless of any resistance to this the other driver offers. Other vital steps may include:

  • Notifying your insurance company of the accident promptly — but waiting for legal counsel before making statements, offering details about what happened or signing any documents whatsoever
  • Gathering names and contact information from any witnesses on the scene
  • Taking photos of the scene and vehicles involved if you can do so

For Immediate Attention And Caring Legal Guidance, Call 877-286-8180

At SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, we will move quickly and decisively to help you get the care you need and make all the right decisions after a car accident. We have won favorable results for many motor vehicle accident victims and their families.

You will have the legal skill, in-depth insurance knowledge and dynamic, unwavering representation you need on your side as soon as you make the call to our trusted firm. Your personal injury lawyer will come to you if you cannot travel. The initial consultation will be free, and you will owe us nothing at all if we cannot take your case and win positive results for you.


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