Physician and health network face negligence suit

Medical Malpractice
Physician and health network face negligence suit

Physician and health network face negligence suit

Five plaintiffs are seeking to join a medical negligence lawsuit against an Illinois medical network and a physician. The pending medical malpractice lawsuit already has seven plaintiffs. The five new members allege that they were misdiagnosed by the physician with multiple sclerosis. They are reportedly seeking more than $50,000 each in damages.

According to the medical network’s executive vice president, settlements and malpractice lawsuits are normal occurrences within all health care organizations. Legal representatives and the physician are asking for the cases to be tried separately, stating that each case is different.

The attorneys for the plaintiffs made the counterargument that trying the cases individually would place unnecessary strain on the court system and the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs were allegedly misdiagnosed by the physician between 2011 and 2012.

Last month, the same physician and medical network were two of 12 defendants in a separate lawsuit that was settled for $10 million. According to a local law bulletin, it was the highest reported settlement or verdict in Stephenson County. In that case, the plaintiff had suffered a stroke that left him quadriplegic. According to his lawsuit, physicians could have prevented the stroke, but neglected to note any of the warning signs.

If a person becomes disabled or injured as the result of physician error or negligence, he or she may be entitled to compensation for future medical care and loss of quality of life. It can be a daunting task to challenge a major hospital or medical network. A personal injury lawyer might have connections to medical experts who can offer testimony and evidence in support of a plaintiff’s claim of malpractice.

Source: The Journal-Standard , “5 ask to be included in negligence suit against doctor and FHN “, Susan Vela, May 20, 2014





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