Relationship patterns that may lead to a divorce

Relationship patterns that may lead to a divorce

Relationship patterns that may lead to a divorce

Symptoms help in identifying a disease from which a person might be suffering and probing questions enable the medical practitioner to get to the root cause of the ailment in order to prescribe medication accordingly to cure the ailments. In a similar manner, there are visible symptoms that, if not treated at an early stage by a counselor, can lead to a divorce. Hence, symptoms of a disease and divorce can be identified and cured so as to avoid pain and suffering in the future. Couples considering divorce can check for the symptoms and get them treated by an expert in order to save their marriage.

When a partner starts behaving differently than normal, it can be diagnosed as the beginning of the problem. The problem might go away after a few days on its own. However, if it persists, it is important to have it treated by a specialist. For example, if a spouse is picking the kids up on his way home and he suddenly starts working late hours, it is probably a warning sign. The warning sign, if not handled correctly, can result in problems in the marriage.

Other common symptoms include the couple spending less time together, feeling depressed when going home, having less fun together, the partner becoming bossy, the opinions of the partner not counting, a drinking problem worsening, not paying attention to the partner, being emotionally involved with someone else, being a spendthrift, the spouse feeling as though he or she is being taken for granted, increased durations of silence between partners, decreased sexual desire, losing one’s identity as an individual and misreading what the other partner wants to do.

During the sessions with couples who decided to go their separate ways, many clients were able to identify the symptoms, which resulted in changing their relationship. Often, the divorce symptoms are ignored, which causes irreparable harm to the marriage with divorce as the only solution. However, the experts feel that if the divorce symptoms had been recognized at an early stage and treated accordingly, the marriage could have been saved and there would be no issue of alimony and spousal support, as well as the other issues that are part of a divorce.

Source: huffingtonpost.com, “The Symptoms Of Divorce,” Benjamin Berkley, Esq., Jan. 16, 2013





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