LTC Joe Cherry (Retired)

SAM Law Office, LLC is a recognized area leader in civil, family, and military law. They are currently representing me in a contested divorce; have a firm grasp of the complex legal issues, and create an atmosphere of shared engagement and collaboration involving contentious divorce issues. We are still engaged in protracted litigation, and victory appears to be on the horizon. I’m looking forward to the day when I can provide a ringing endorsement of my experience when the divorce is finalized!

Alexis Bustamante

I recommend Brandon. He is a lawyer with a good attitude and very helpful. He helped me understand my situation and feel calmer. Thanks Brandon.

John S.

From the moment I met Susan, I felt I was in the proper law firm for what I needed handled. The whole SAM law team was professional. Every time I had a question it was answered to a degree I could understand. I hope I never need an attorney again but if I do I will certainly be using them.

Tracy Collins

I highly recommend SAM Law to anyone needing legal assistance. They are professional, helpful, and get great results.

Ross M.

I needed a contract written for a financial transaction with another party. I contacted SAM LAW and had a consultation with attorney Brandon Djonlich. Brandon first listened to what I wanted to accomplish in general. He then followed up with questions to fine-tune how the contract would be written.

Brandon promptly drafted the contract and submitted it for review to his senior partner. When it was approved, he was helpful in explaining the contract’s legalese in plain English.  Brandon combined his financial background with his knowledge of family law and included language I would have never thought of to protect me in the event of divorce. All the details turned out perfectly!

Brandon suggested that after signing the contract, we send a completed copy to his office for safekeeping. I will contact SAM LAW for any future legal needs! Their attention to detail and personal service is top-notch!

Bruce M.

Susan’s abilities were outstanding! She inspired confidence throughout the entire term of her representation.

Acquenetta couch


I was in a custody battle with my ex, and Brandon was on top of everything and got me everything I wanted and then some. Every time the other attorney tried to pull something, Brandon kept professional and did not tolerate it. He was timely and was quick to answer me when I had a question or an emergency. When we hit what I thought was a rough patch, they assured me that we were still ok and sure enough, we were.

Laura Sanders

The friendliest staff. Very organized. Questions always answered promptly

Mark Newsberry

Susan helped me through one of the hardest things of my life–my divorce. She did a great job for me. Susan got me the things I wanted and she cared about doing a good job for me and my family.

Robert H

Thank you so much for everything.

Deb Handlon

Susan Marks is an excellent attorney. What she says is true and she can be trusted to do all that is possible. She knows the law and seeks the best for her clients. In addition to doing a great job, she is not one to “run up” the legal fees unnecessarily. She has been a great comfort in this challenging situation.

Theodore S.

I like her. She is compassionate, patient, and informative. I knew right away that I was in good hands.

Ranjana Khan

Susan is one of the best attorneys I know. She is not just smart, but also hard-working and dedicated to her clients. She instills a sense of confidence and comfort, both important when facing a legal issue. I recommend her highly!

Joo Heung Lee

Susan is no-nonsense and knows what she is doing. Her fees are also quite reasonable. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

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