Megan M.


Maraya was very sweet and helpful. Brandon was very open and honest about my situation and gave me his suggestions as to how to go about my case. He explained the risks, possible outcomes, and other aspects to expect. They were the quickest firm to return my call, too.

Aguilera C.


Great Law firm! Mr. Brandon is always quick and supportive. I recommend anyone going through a process to go with SAM law.

Cynthia E.


Brandon Djonlich and his office very much exceeded my expectations! Not only did Brandon fight hard on my behalf but also got my case dismissed! Brandon is kind, compassionate and informative. I will use Brandon and Sam Law Office anytime I need legal representation in the future and refer others to him as well.

Thomas H.


Brandon did a great job. Great service. Fought hard for everything I got. The entire office was very professional. I would highly recommend them.

Meg R.


I can’t say enough great things about Brandon and team. His guidance was outstanding as was his attention to detail, and his thought provoking and analytical courtroom documents and arguments that skillfully helped me get the best possible outcome for my case. I was impressed by Brandon, Susan and their team’s professionalism, timeliness, helpfulness, detailedness and dedication to getting the best outcome for their clients. I truly appreciate all of their help and highly recommend them to anyone looking for great counsel.

Yeilimar T.


I am enormously grateful to lawyer Susan, lawyer Brando and their entire team who helped me recover my stolen 8-year-old daughter. They are the best lawyers in Chicago when it came to defending my case. They were very professional, kind, and sensitive. They supported me as if they were my family. I will be eternally grateful and I recommend them with my eyes closed.



Brandon Djonlich and his team were quick to respond, very informative, patient, and most importantly: knew the law. I felt like my needs were taken care of and would lawyer up with this firm again. Move over Saul Goodman, Better Call Sam Law!! Thank you sincerely for restoring comfort and peace of mine for legal matter.

Fillip G.


Brandon and the team were very professional and helped through entire prosses with no stress or participation on my side as I requested. Outcome is what I needed. Case closed on my terms. Thank you Mr. Djonlich for your hard work. Highly recommend to those who need good divorce attorney.

Kiara M.


I’m sooo happy that I found Brandon and his Team. They really did an amazing job. Even the judge said “ I’m not too sure how much you’re paying him, but he is a great lawyer “. I don’t know about you but that speaks volumes. Thanks again.

M. H.


I spoke with Brandon and his office regarding my concerns and they were very helpful with my legal questions.



Brandon and Susan have helped throughout my entire divorce. Everyone has been extremely helpful on my case. Thank you once again!



I cannot say enough great things about Brandon and Susan. Not only them but the entire staff are a delight to work with. I appreciate Brandon’s honest and upfront attitude towards my case. He explained terms I could understand, gave me options and guided me through such a stressful event in my life. I truly value my relationship with SAM LAW.


Great communication and support!


I was referred to SAM Law from a KAP website. I spoke with Brandon and immediately hired him. The process although stressful was smooth because of him, his attention to detail and the level of commitment to making sure my children and I were taken care of was handled with such care. Every step of the way Brandon went above and beyond what was expected of him. If you are looking for a person to have in your corner, its Brandon. Even now after my agreement was finalized, he still follows up with me to make sure the agreement is being upheld by the other party. Thank you again Brandon you are an amazing attorney!


Brandon was a huge help in every way he could be. He went out of his way for me numerous times and I truly appreciate all his help and advice throughout the process. I’d highly recommend him to others! He’s very easy to work with and empathetic to others situations.


Brandon was amazing lawyer who took his take and was truly helpful and listened and asked questions to help me with my case. He explained and made sure I understood all my options. Due to his expert guidance I was able to take a decision. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice and guidance.


Susan represented me in my recent divorce and I can only recommend her. Not only is she very knowledgeable about the laws, she also understands that every client is different. She fought for my rights and was able to secure a favorable outcome for me. Every time we spoke on the phone, she was very professional and attentive. She swiftly replied to any emails I sent her and always had an answer for questions I had. The total timeline from me filing for divorce to getting divorced was 4 months. She definitely likes to get things done. The one thing she did that truly cut me off guard (in a good way) was when she told me she’d write off the remaining balance after I requested a payment plan. She knew I was struggling financially so she gave me a break. She didn’t have to do that. I was fully prepared to enter a monthly payment plan, so when she told me she’d write it off, I almost cried. Thank you, Susan, for everything you did for me.

Luis G.

Excellent lawyers. Very affordable price. Smooth process. Very supportive. 100% Recommended. Guaranteed Satisfaction. After such a wonderful treatment, I’ll be a lifetime client!

Aaron C.

Christine K.

Brandon assisted me with reviewing a contract. He was prompt in addressing all of my upfront concerns, thorough in his explanations and made sure I understood all my options. Thanks to his expert guidance I was able to take my next steps with confidence. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal guidance.

LTC Joe C. (Retired)

SAM Law Office, LLC is a recognized area leader in civil, family, and military law. They are currently representing me in a contested divorce; have a firm grasp of the complex legal issues, and create an atmosphere of shared engagement and collaboration involving contentious divorce issues. We are still engaged in protracted litigation, and victory appears to be on the horizon. I’m looking forward to the day when I can provide a ringing endorsement of my experience when the divorce is finalized!

Alexis B.

I recommend Brandon. He is a lawyer with a good attitude and very helpful. He helped me understand my situation and feel calmer. Thanks Brandon.

John S.

From the moment I met Susan, I felt I was in the proper law firm for what I needed handled. The whole SAM law team was professional. Every time I had a question it was answered to a degree I could understand. I hope I never need an attorney again but if I do I will certainly be using them.

Tracy C.

I highly recommend SAM Law to anyone needing legal assistance. They are professional, helpful, and get great results.

Ross M.

I needed a contract written for a financial transaction with another party. I contacted SAM LAW and had a consultation with attorney Brandon Djonlich. Brandon first listened to what I wanted to accomplish in general. He then followed up with questions to fine-tune how the contract would be written.

Brandon promptly drafted the contract and submitted it for review to his senior partner. When it was approved, he was helpful in explaining the contract’s legalese in plain English.  Brandon combined his financial background with his knowledge of family law and included language I would have never thought of to protect me in the event of divorce. All the details turned out perfectly!

Brandon suggested that after signing the contract, we send a completed copy to his office for safekeeping. I will contact SAM LAW for any future legal needs! Their attention to detail and personal service is top-notch!

Bruce M.

Susan’s abilities were outstanding! She inspired confidence throughout the entire term of her representation.

Acquenetta C.


I was in a custody battle with my ex, and Brandon was on top of everything and got me everything I wanted and then some. Every time the other attorney tried to pull something, Brandon kept professional and did not tolerate it. He was timely and was quick to answer me when I had a question or an emergency. When we hit what I thought was a rough patch, they assured me that we were still ok and sure enough, we were.

Laura S.

The friendliest staff. Very organized. Questions always answered promptly

Mark N.

Susan helped me through one of the hardest things of my life–my divorce. She did a great job for me. Susan got me the things I wanted and she cared about doing a good job for me and my family.

Robert H

Thank you so much for everything.

Deb H.

Susan Marks is an excellent attorney. What she says is true and she can be trusted to do all that is possible. She knows the law and seeks the best for her clients. In addition to doing a great job, she is not one to “run up” the legal fees unnecessarily. She has been a great comfort in this challenging situation.

Theodore S.

I like her. She is compassionate, patient, and informative. I knew right away that I was in good hands.

Ranjana K.

Susan is one of the best attorneys I know. She is not just smart, but also hard-working and dedicated to her clients. She instills a sense of confidence and comfort, both important when facing a legal issue. I recommend her highly!

Joo Heung L.

Susan is no-nonsense and knows what she is doing. Her fees are also quite reasonable. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

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