Singer Usher has custody fight over son after accident

Child Custody
Singer Usher has custody fight over son after accident

Singer Usher has custody fight over son after accident

Chicago fans of R&B music are probably familiar with Usher. The singer was in the news recently when he and his former wife had a dispute over the custody of their two children. after an accident in which their. The ex-wife initiated the child custody dispute after their son five-year-old son almost drowned in a home swimming pool. The ex-wife filed for sole custody, alleging that Usher was at a recording studio rather than watching the child. She also alleged that the singer did not inform her of his or the children’s whereabouts, and that he leaves the children with family members who are not trained as caregivers.

An Atlanta judge rejected her filing, although he did advise Usher to keep his ex-wife informed of his whereabouts and who the children were staying with. The couple married in 2007, and divorced two years later after having two sons.

In determining the child custody issues, courts look to what is in the best interests of the children. Courts will examine factors such as the mental and physical health of the spouses, their current domicile and income levels, and any drug or alcohol abuse. They will give full custody to one parent if they determine that placing the children with the other parent would not be in their best interest.

Child custody disputes can be an emotionally draining process for both parents. Although it may be difficult, both parties have the legal ability to set up a child visitation and custody schedule that allows both parents to be a part of the children’s lives. Whether the divorce is in Atlanta or Chicago, the spouses have the option of sparing themselves emotional turmoil and working with each other for a custody and visitation schedule.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Usher to keep custody of his 2 young sons,” Kate Bruback, August 10, 2013.





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