The Dangers of Distracted Driving

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The Dangers of Distracted Driving

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Driving is an immense responsibility, and driving safely requires a motorist’s full concentration – with no room for distractions. Unfortunately, far too many drivers are far too susceptible to distracting activities behind the wheel, and they make our roads more dangerous for all of us. If a distracted driver leaves you injured in a car accident, it is time to consult with an experienced Barrington car accident attorney. 

The Categories of Distraction

Distractions behind the wheel are classified into three distinct categories that include:

  • Distractions that involve a driver’s hands
  • Distractions that involve a driver’s vision
  • Distractions that involve a driver’s thoughts

Each of these in and of itself is dangerous enough, but when you combine them into one immense distraction the way texting does, it amounts to one of the riskiest distractions possible that too many drivers continue to engage in. 

Texting at Highway Speeds

It is generally accepted that it takes about five seconds to read or write a text, and in this amount of time – in which the motorist might as well be driving blind – a motorist who is traveling at highway speed travels about the distance of a football field. The idea that the guy beside you on the highway is on autopilot for this distance is pretty darn terrifying. 


Distraction is always risky, but when you mix distractions with intersections, things become that much more careless. Intersections represent the convergence of traffic that is traveling in all directions, and that is engaging in all kinds of activities (all guided by traffic lights and signals) – driving straight through, hanging out in the intersection waiting to make a left turn, turning right, and even making U-turns – and there is simply no room for distractions. Motorists who don’t pay attention to what they’re doing in intersections help make them the locations of some of the deadliest traffic accidents.  

If You’ve Been Injured by a Distracted Driver

If you’ve been injured by a distracted driver, there are some important steps that you should take, including:

  • Pulling out of the line of traffic if possible
  • Accepting medical treatment at the scene (or seeking it immediately after the accident if it’s not offered)
  • Following your doctor’s instructions and advice carefully
  • Consulting with a dedicated car accident attorney as soon after the accident as possible
  • Allowing your attorney to handle the insurance company on your behalf (you are not required to provide a formal statement, and it is a good idea not to do so)

Seek the Professional Legal Guidance of an Experienced Barrington Car Accident Attorney Today

If another driver’s distraction leaves you injured, the formidable car accident attorneys at the SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC in Barrington, Illinois, are well positioned and well prepared to bring your strongest claim – in pursuit of just compensation. We are here for you, so please don’t wait to contact us today for more information about how we can help.





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