“The Limbo Phase” of divorce in Illinois

“The Limbo Phase” of divorce in Illinois

“The Limbo Phase” of divorce in Illinois

One of the most emotionally difficult situations for a divorcing couple is for the partners to still be living in the same house, a situation referred to by therapists and divorce lawyers as “the limbo phase.” In this situation, the partners are not able to find separate residences either for financial reasons, or there are disagreements between the spouses over who will keep the marital home. Additionally, spouses may be reluctant to move out before there is a signed custody or financial agreement between the parties. Whatever the reason, the “limbo phase” is an awkward and stressful divorce matter for all involved.

However, there are suggestions from divorce experts on how to deal with this situation. It is generally recommended that the spouses sit down and create guidelines for how to interact with each other, so as to avoid any confrontations or other tense situations. It will also allow the spouses to have a clearer view of who will be doing the necessary housework. It is also recommended that the spouses make a decision as to how they will communicate their decision to divorce to their families and children, if any.

For divorcing couples with children, it is recommended that the parties divide their time with the children so that they will not feel neglected by any parent, and the other parent should spend time outside of the home. If the relationship between the parties is not civil, then the parties should set up a system where one of the spouses spends time elsewhere, such as at a friend or relative’s house. Spouses that are already dating another person should keep their new relationship secret, and it is recommended that children be told of the situation honestly as soon as possible.

A couple considering a divorce in Illinois or elsewhere or going through one has many legal options to ensure a good outcome for both parties. They may seek a property division to ensure a fair division of the marital property, and may set up a system of child custody and support, if children are involved. The parties involved have the ability to make the divorce as peaceful as possible.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Separated under the same roof: Tips for surviving the limbo phase,” Kate Scharff, June 3, 2013.





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