Two hurt in Illinois car accident

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Two hurt in Illinois car accident

Two hurt in Illinois car accident

Police plan to press charges against a Tennessee man who allegedly caused a car crash after fleeing from police on Aug. 27. According to the Illinois State Police, the 48-year-old from Union City, Tennessee, was driving his SUV southbound on Route 3. As he was traveling north of Chester, he allegedly failed to stop for a Randolph County deputy who was responding to complaints about the man’s driving.

According to the police, the man continued traveling through Chester then turned onto Route 150 heading toward Steeleville prior to the car accident occurring. The Steeleville Police Department used to stop sticks to prohibit the vehicle from going further. He allegedly continued driving past the stop sticks, toward Percy, and tried to pass a car. However, he had to swerve to avoid an oncoming semi, causing him to travel back into the eastbound lane. He then reportedly struck an eastbound pickup truck.

The pickup truck veered off the road and hit an embankment before coming to a stop. The SUV rolled several times before it stopped in the road. Although the Illinois State Police initially reported that the car accident had caused one fatality, they later made a correction. Both the driver of the pickup truck and the SUV had no life-threatening injuries.

Personal injury attorneys may be able to help individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident seek compensation for their injuries. They could assess if clients have a potential lawsuit by looking at the facts of the accident. They could then help their clients negotiate a settlement that includes compensation for things like medical bills and lost wages.

Source: WSIL TV, “Two Injured in Randolph County Crash”, August 27, 2013





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