Two vehicle accident kills woman

Auto Accidents
Two vehicle accident kills woman

Two vehicle accident kills woman

A two vehicle accident in Ogle County resulted in the death of a Chicago woman, according to the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department reported that the woman was driving a Toyota and turned directly in front of a Mack truck that apparently had the right of way on the roadway. The Mack truck collided with the Toyota when the driver of the Toyota cut into the larger vehicle’s pathway.

The Ogle County coroner declared the driver of the Toyota dead at the scene of the accident. Two passengers in her vehicle were transported by helicopter for the treatment of injuries described as non-life threatening. The driver of the Mack truck was transported to an area hospital by ambulance. His injuries were described as minor by the Sheriff’s Department.

Although the Sheriff’s Department believes the driver of the Toyota caused the accident, the accident apparently remains under investigation. No charges have been filed and no one else was injured as the result of the accident. No other vehicles were involved in the incident. No information was provided on whether conditions at the time of the vehicle collision.

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Source: Journal Standard, “One dead, 3 injured in crash near Shannon“, September 03, 2013





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