Types of distractions for drivers, risks

Auto Accidents
Types of distractions for drivers, risks

Types of distractions for drivers, risks

Illinois drivers should be wary of distractions that could interfere with their driving. People on the road should also be on the lookout for distracted drivers as more than 1,153 are injured daily in distraction-related automobile accidents. Nearly 10 people die each day in these types of accidents as well. Studies indicate that the United States is one of the most common places for distracted drivers.

Distractions for drivers can be put into three categories: manual, cognitive and visual. Manual distractions force drivers to take their hands off the wheel. Cognitive distractions occupy someone’s mind so that it is not focused on driving. Visual distractions pull driver’s gaze off the road. Any of these distractions might increase someone’s risk of getting into an accident. An analysis of driving statistics in the U.S. and seven European countries revealed that a higher percentage of U.S. drivers admit to talking on their cell phones while driving. The U.S. also tied with Portugal for the highest percentage of drivers texting or checking email on the road.

Although the previous study focused on drivers aged 18 to 64, it could be the younger and less experienced drivers who are at the greatest risk of driving while distracted. Drivers 19 and younger proportionately get into the most accidents involving distracted drivers. Research indicates that almost half of high school students in the U.S. use their phones to text or email while driving, not including those who talk on their phones.

Passengers, pedestrians and drivers who are not distracted could still be victims of crashes by distracted driving. An accident could leave people in serious need of medical attention with property damage and other expenses. An attorney could gather evidence related to the accident and then negotiate with the insurance company of the party at fault to seek a fair settlement.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Distracted Driving“, December 29, 2014





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