Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts & Settlements

$1.05 million structured settlement

A settlement of $1,050,000 was obtained by Susan A. Marks of SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, in a medical malpractice case. A woman saw her primary care provider for several years. She had a lump in her breast and then began complaining of a cough. Her primary care physician referred her to a surgeon, and together, they developed a plan for our client’s care and treatment. They performed a biopsy, and if the results were negative, they would then perform a lung biopsy. The results of the breast biopsy were negative, but the doctors did not follow through on their plan to perform a biopsy of the lung. The woman was later diagnosed with stage 4 small cell carcinoma of the lung.

$185,000 settlement

Our client was crossing the street on his bike with a green light when he was hit by a car. He fell onto the hood of the vehicle and then to the ground, suffering severe injuries that required surgery. Susan A. Marks of SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, represented him in obtaining a $185,000 settlement against the driver.

$100,000 settlement

Our client was stopped and waiting to turn left at a light when he was hit from behind by the defendant driver. The force of the impact hurled him into the intersection, where he was struck again by another driver and rendered unconscious. The client had significant injuries, including a fractured neck and subdural hematomas. Two months later, he required brain surgery. The defendant driver hit the client at 40 mph and never slowed down because she was texting while driving. Susan A. Marks of SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, obtained a policy limits settlement of $100,000.

$87,500 settlement

Our clients were turning left into a shopping area when another driver drove into the side of their car. They suffered extensive soft tissue injuries and required extensive medical treatment. Susan A. Marks of SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, obtained $87,500 for the clients.

$75,000 settlement

Susan A. Marks of SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, obtained a settlement of $75,000 in a case where a woman was struck by a car while riding her bike. Our client sustained a transverse process fracture and central disk protrusion. Our client missed over 70 days of work and suffered severe emotional stress and harm.

$55,000 settlement

Our client slipped and fell due to a wet spot on the floor of a local grocery store. She fractured her wrist and required surgery using a Hand Innovations volar distal radius plate implant. Three holes were drilled into her bone for the placement of three 3.5 mm screws. Susan A. Marks of SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, obtained a settlement of $55,000.

$43,099.39 settlement

A woman was jogging on a sidewalk adjacent to a busy thoroughfare when she was struck by a teenager who was talking on her cellphone. Upon impact, the automobile was traveling at sufficient speed to hurl our client over the raised median and into the left turn lane of a very busy highway. Our client attempted to get out of the lane because of oncoming traffic, but she could not stand. Susan A. Marks of SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, obtained a settlement of $43,099.39.


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