What Do I Do After a Hit and Run Accident?

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What Do I Do After a Hit and Run Accident?

What Do I Do After a Hit and Run Accident?

All motorists have a duty to stop their vehicles and remain at the scene of the collision. Unfortunately, hit-and-runs remain a relatively common problem. Any accident can be stressful and emotional, but a hit-and-run accident can be particularly hard to deal with. This is especially true if someone suffers severe injuries and has no one at the accident scene to immediately call 9-1-1 on their behalf.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that more than 725,000 hit-and-run crashes happen in the U.S. each year. Navigating the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident claim is difficult. At SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, we are strong and experienced advocates for injured victims. Within this article, our Rolling Meadows auto accident attorneys explain the key things to know about what to do after a hit-and-run collision in Illinois. 

Four Steps to Take After a Hit and Run Accident in Illinois

  • Stop Your Vehicle and Report the Crash to Law Enforcement

Illinois law is clear: All motorists are required to stop their vehicle and remain at the scene of a crash—but for medical emergencies. Even if the other party has fled, your legal obligation remains to report the accident. Notify state or local law enforcement. Contacting the police immediately will not only provide an official record of the accident but will also ensure that police begin a search. 

  • Document the Crash—Secure as Much Information as Possible

You may still be able to track down a hit-and-run driver. Time is of the essence. Try to remember any details about the fleeing vehicle: make, model, color, license plate number, or other characteristics like dents or stickers. Beyond that, gather contact information of any witnesses, as their statements can be invaluable. Photos of the scene, your vehicle’s damage, skid marks, or other relevant details could all prove to be useful in your hit-and-run claim. 

  • Seek Immediate Medical Care for Any Injuries (Emergencies Take Priority)

Health should always be a priority. Even if injuries seem minor or non-existent, it is vital to see a medical professional. Adrenaline can mask pain, and some internal injuries might not manifest symptoms right away. You need to see a doctor to be eligible to bring a personal injury claim. 

  • Notify Your Own Insurer that a Hit and Run Happened

Many people believe that if the at-fault driver isn’t identified, they can’t make a claim. However, your insurance policy might have provisions for “uninsured motorist” coverage, which can be applicable in hit-and-run situations. Be sure to notify your own insurance provider of the crash. 

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At SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, our skilled Illinois auto accident lawyers have the professional skills and proven experience to handle all types of hit-and-run crashes. Hurt in a hit-and-run? We will be by your side every step of the way. Call us now or contact us online for your free, no-obligation consultation. From our Rolling Meadows office, we handle hit-and-run accident claims throughout the region.  





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