What Families Should Know About Nursing Home Abuse 

Nursing Home Abuse
What Families Should Know About Nursing Home Abuse 

What Families Should Know About Nursing Home Abuse 

There is a pervasive and troubling trend of nursing home abuse in the United States. In 2020, a World Health Organization study showed that 64% of nursing home staff members admitted to some form of abuse or neglect of elderly patients. Equally troubling, family members must be cognizant of possible misconduct not only of the staff but of other residents. In order to keep your elderly loved ones safe, it is important to recognize the situations most likely to lead to abusive conditions, as well as the signs that your loved one may be the subject of nursing home abuse. 

If you suspect abuse, reach out to an Illinois nursing home abuse lawyer right away. 

Environments of Abuse

Nobody intentionally exposes their loved ones to low-quality nursing homes, but finances or a lack of options for your loved one may result in a lower-quality placement. The reality is that abuse can even occur in high-cost facilities with excellent reputations.

One important factor to consider is understaffing. Chronic understaffing leads to a lack of individual attention your family member needs. Employees who are overworked tend to feel more stress on the job, which may cause burnout and resentment that filters into the quality of care your family member receives. 

Additionally, where there is a lack of family and friends who can regularly check on your family member, the likelihood of abuse increases. This social isolation lends itself to an environment ripe for abuse inside a nursing home. This is especially true where the combination of understaffing and social isolation is present.  

Types of Abuse

While most people are probably aware of physical abuse or neglect in nursing home facilities, nursing home abuse can take on many forms, including:

  • Emotional Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Caregiver neglect
  • Financial exploitation; and
  • Healthcare fraud

Signs of Abuse

Fortunately, there are many signs of abuse that a watchful family member can spot so they can protect their loved one from such activity such as:

  • Physical manifestation of emotional abuse such as rocking nervously
  • Improper hygienic care, such as unkempt hair and dirty clothing
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Physical manifestations such as broken eye ware or bruising from restraint
  • Unsafe or unsanitary room conditions
  • The presence of bed sores, diaper rash, or other easily preventable conditions

The long-term effects of elder abuse can be devastating. Physical pain is seemingly the clearest manifestation of elder abuse – however, it is not the only harm in most cases. Elder abuse can lead to the early death of elderly family members, psychological issues, loss of social and familial relations, and serious financial loss, among other problems. Nursing home abuse is a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. Left unaddressed, the damage to your loved one is likely to become worse. It is strongly recommended that family members of nursing home abuse patients consult with a skilled attorney on the matter. 

Call Us Today to Speak to an Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

None of us want our family members to be the victims of nursing home abuse. Our loved ones deserve dignity and compassion in their golden years. If you have a loved one who you suspect has been the victim of elder abuse, we can help. To schedule a consultation with an attorney at SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, contact us online today.





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