What happens when a couple’s New Year’s resolution is to divorce?

What happens when a couple’s New Year’s resolution is to divorce?

What happens when a couple’s New Year’s resolution is to divorce?

Most people enter the New Year with a “fresh start” mindset by making resolutions to improve their lives. But what happens when an Arlington Heights, Illinois couple’s New Year’s resolution is to finally put an end to their marriage?

Parting ways at the start of the year is common and for most people, it is actually the best time possible. However, if couples are firm in their resolution to divorce, they should keep a few things in mind. After all, the end of a marriage is, at times, like walking through a minefield. The last thing a couple needs is unsure steps.

First, set specific goals and stick to the main objectives needed to achieve a divorce. For example, take a stand on whether or not to sell the marital home. Or whether one parent will have primary custody of children or it will be joint custody. Although changes are inevitable during the divorce process, objectives can help one have a say and better understand the process.

Second, put children first. Conceptualize an ideal parenting agreement that serves the children’s best interests and also involves the best possible custody arrangement. Keep in mind that a break-up can be devastating for children, so think of an arrangement that will allow a soon-to-be ex-spouse a chance to be an effective co-parent.

Third, organize finances. Identify and segregate accounts, assets and property. Itemize debts, loans and mortgages since they will also be subject to property division during the divorce. Having a prenuptial or post nuptial agreement can make this process a lot easier.

Finally, Greater Chicagoland Area divorcing couples should consider the guidance of an experienced family law professional. A professional attuned to the best interests of both parties can make a big difference in the outcome of the divorce.

Source: The Charlotte Observer, “Resolved to divorce?,” Nicole H. Sodoma, Jan. 12, 2014





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