What is the Difference Between Premises Liability and Slip & Fall?

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What is the Difference Between Premises Liability and Slip & Fall?

What is the Difference Between Premises Liability and Slip & Fall?

The difference between “premises liability” and “slip & fall” can be confusing. The simple answer to the question in the title is that a slip & fall is actually a type of premises liability case. 

For example, some other kinds of premises liability cases are things like dog bites, an accident at an amusement park, or maybe a malfunctioning elevator with people on it in a public building.

What premises liability boils down to is proving (1) whether or not the owner of the property was negligent, (2) whether or not they were knowledgeable about the conditions that may have caused an injury to someone on the premises, and (3) whether or not the injured person was supposed to be on the property or not. 

This is where an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney would be of great assistance if you happen to be the person who got hurt.

Duty of Care in Illinois

The law sets out the duty of care of property owners regarding various individuals. For example, if you are trespassing on someone’s property, they may not be liable for any injuries you get as a result of being there. In fact, the only duty of care the property owner really owes a trespasser is to refrain from hurting the person for trespassing in the first place.

If you are an “invitee” to the property (meaning you are invited on the premises for business purposes or as a customer), then the owner of the property does owe you a fair duty of care, in that they should have the premises in a decently safe condition. 

If you are a “licensee” on the property (meaning the property owner has given you his or her invitation onto the property, such as a visiting next door neighbor, a family member, or a friend), then the property owner only has to let you know that there is potential harm that can result from you entering the property if they are aware of – or should be aware of – that potential harm.

Slip and Fall Cases

Many slips and falls happen because a property or business owner fails to meet their duty of care, leading you to slip and fall. Slip and falls might happen due to:

  • Wet floors without warning signs
  • Spills on the floor
  • Improper flooring materials
  • Debris or items on walkways
  • Poor lighting

If a business fails to maintain the premises and address potential hazards, slip and fall injury victims can bring a premises liability claim to seek compensation for their losses. They will need to prove the duty owed to them and the breach of that duty, among other things. 

Call a Seasoned Illinois Slip and Fall Attorney Today

If you feel that a property owner’s negligence contributed to your personal injury, then don’t hesitate to contact us today at the SAM LAW OFFICE LLC. Our experienced team is always here to assist you with your slip & fall premises liability claim, or any other type of personal injury claim. 





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