What Not to Do After a Car Accident in Illinois

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What Not to Do After a Car Accident in Illinois

What Not to Do After a Car Accident in Illinois

Were you involved in a motor vehicle collision in Illinois? It happens. Even the safest, most skilled, and most attentive of drivers can still end up in a serious crash. Dealing with a car accident is stressful. The process is a lot easier when you know what you should do and what you should not do. Too many people make mistakes that undermine the ability to get compensation. In this article, our Illinois auto accident attorneys highlight five key things that you should NOT do after a crash.

  • Not Reporting the Crash to Police

All injury crashes must be reported to law enforcement. Not reporting an accident to state or local police could be a major mistake. A police report serves as impartial documentation of the accident. Without one, it can be more difficult to establish fault or seek compensation. 

  • Failing to Get Medical Attention for Follow-Up Care

Neglecting to seek medical attention following a car accident can be detrimental to both your health and any potential legal claims. Some injuries may not be apparent. Delaying medical care may exacerbate them. You need medical records to bring a personal injury claim in Illinois. 

  • Admitting Fault for the Crash (Even Partial Fault)

Fault matters. Illinois is an at-fault, comparative negligence state for car accident liability (735 I.L.C.S. § 5/2-1116). In the aftermath of an accident, you may be inclined to apologize or assume blame for what occurred. Avoid doing so. Do not admit full or partial fault for a crash. 

  • Giving a Recorded Statement to an Opposing Insurance Company

After a car accident, you may be contacted by the other party’s insurance company to provide a recorded statement. Refrain from doing so without consulting an attorney. Insurance adjusters are trained to use your words against you and minimize their company’s liability.

  • Try to Navigate the Process Without an Illinois Attorney 

Attempting to handle the legal complexities of a car accident claim without the guidance of an experienced Illinois attorney can be a costly mistake. A top attorney understands the nuances of Illinois law and can help you navigate the process while advocating for your best interests. 

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At SAM LAW OFFICE LLC, our Illinois car accident attorneys fight hard to help injured victims and their families maximize their financial recovery. We will make sure that you avoid common mistakes. Contact us right away for a free review of your case. With a law office in Rolling Meadows, we handle motor vehicle accident claims throughout the entire Chicagoland area.





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