Why Do I Need a Medical Exam if I Feel Uninjured After a Car Accident?

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Why Do I Need a Medical Exam if I Feel Uninjured After a Car Accident?

Why Do I Need a Medical Exam if I Feel Uninjured After a Car Accident?

A car accident is, by its very nature, something that is sudden and unexpected. And for many people, their first reaction is to try and resume what they were doing before the crash. Especially if they are not bleeding or showing any outward signs of injury, they just assume they are “okay” and do not need to seek medical attention.

But this is often a mistake. Many car accident injuries do not produce immediate or acute symptoms. Indeed, it is not uncommon for people who suffer serious injuries like concussions or whiplash to experience their first visible symptoms several days or weeks later. So it is always a good idea to seek medical attention as soon as possible following any car accident, even what you would otherwise consider a minor “fender bender.”

How Your Body Can “Mislead” You Following an Auto Accident

Our bodies can often mislead us in the moments immediately following a car accident. The human body is designed to release endorphins and adrenaline, both of which act to mask pain to give your mind and body time to process what has just happened. After the effects of these hormones wear off, however, you can start to experience significant pain within a few hours or even a couple of days. This is why you should never assume that you are uninjured based solely on how you feel right after a crash takes place.

Another thing to consider is that not all injuries are external. A traumatic brain injury–i.e., a concussion–usually occurs underneath the skull. So you are unlikely to see bleeding or pass out. But you can start to experience cognitive problems later on. A doctor is in a much better position to diagnose such injuries early and begin treatment so that your symptoms do not get progressively worse.

A healthcare provider, particularly an emergency room physician, also has a good deal of experience in diagnosing specific injuries related to car accidents. The sooner that you seek medical attention following an accident, the more likely the doctor will receive a more complete picture of the circumstances of the crash, which in turn can facilitate a more accurate and effective diagnosis of your condition.

After Speaking to Your Doctor, Speak With a Rolling Meadows Auto Accident Lawyer

Whether you go to the emergency room right after a car accident or seek treatment from your own doctor or a local clinic sometime later, it is important to be specific about the details of your crash, your symptoms, and your prior medical history. This is helpful not only in fully documenting your injuries but also can prove to be important later if you need to take legal action against the negligent driver who caused your accident. Remember, it is not enough to prove that a driver was negligent. You also need to prove you sustained specific and demonstrable injuries as a result of that negligence. So by seeking prompt medical attention following an accident, you are putting yourself in a stronger position should legal action become necessary later.

If you need legal advice on what additional steps you should take following a car accident, contact the SAM LAW OFFICE LLC today to schedule a free consultation.





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