Woman dies after being thrown from Six Flags rollercoaster

Wrongful Death
Woman dies after being thrown from Six Flags rollercoaster

Woman dies after being thrown from Six Flags rollercoaster

Illinois residents who love Six Flags may be interested to hear that Six Flags Entertainment Corp. is investigating a fatal accident that caused the wrongful death of a woman. According to the report, the woman fell from the Texas Giant rollercoaster at the company’s Six Flags Over Texas theme park.

Eyewitnesses stated that the woman was thrown from the ride as it rounded a turn, indicating that the safety restraint may have been loose. The rollercoaster has been closed since the incident and no information about the woman has been released. No other details regarding the accident will be released until the investigation is completed.

When a wrongful death occurs, the remaining family members may suddenly lose both a companion and a breadwinner. The death can be even harder if it was caused by negligence or carelessness. In these cases, the family may be entitled to pursue compensation to help pay for medical costs, pain and suffering, funeral costs and other damages. However, many defendants may try to settle early so that they can award the family less than what they need to recover.

An Illinois attorney with experience in wrongful death suits may be able to help the families of those who were killed due to the negligence on behalf of amusement park companies. The attorney may investigate the case, offer legal advice and explain what the family can realistically expect. The attorney may use witness testimony and police reports to prove the liability of the company and to maximize the amount of compensation that the family may be awarded.

Source: Bloomberg, “Six Flags Investigates Fatal Accident on Texas Giant Coaster“, Dan Hart, July 21, 2013





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